It all starts with the grid.  As a logical, systematic person, I have always been fascinated by the line, the mark, and repetition.  I am drawn to structure- to the tension between control and spontaneity.  Everything is the same and everything is different, like the life we live from day to day.
Each series begins with a plan but then the process takes on a life of its own. Starting simply; aiming for maximum effect.  Limiting variables such as starkly opposing colors, like black and white, forces tough artistic decisions.
These images represent a selection of works created.  To see more, please contact Joyce at

Repetition, control and obsession drive images of near-identical marks filling simple, childlike solids. 
Grids contain letters in each box, which spell words.  Dots applied conceal the under-layer, creating dimensional, unpredictable patterns and effects.
Beginning with spontaneous writing, mark-making and pure gestural energy, the grids and lines are overlaid on top of the free writing.  Marks are simultaneously concealed and revealed; sometimes re-revealed. 
Stacks started as individual paintings about repetition and the perfect line. When stacked, they turned into sculptures, where the edges reveal unplanned abstract patterning.   
Tape drawings explored symbols, but metamorphosed into a new visual language.